Artisanal Premium Leather Goods

Atelier Penny James is a Vancouver-based design studio specializing in the creation of bespoke luxury leather goods using traditional French techniques

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A Testament to Quality

At Atelier Penny James, we preserve the unmatched quality and timeless elegance associated with traditional French leathercraft. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every stitch, dedicating hours to carefully handcraft each piece. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your personal collection or searching for that distinctive gift, Penny James offers leather goods that embody both luxury and longevity.


Each piece of leather is hand-cut, ensuring the preservation of its natural integrity, illuminating the unique character of every item.


Traditional saddle-stitching provides superior strength and aesthetic appeal.


Our hand-finishing accentuates the leathers natural beauty while enhancing durability, improving the overall longevity of the product.

Uniquely Yours

Every item in our collection is made to order, ensuring a personalized touch. We provide bespoke services to create entirely custom, handcrafted leather goods, bringing your vision to life through every cut and stitch.


From supple French hides, to the rich patina found in Italian leathers, we have thoughtfully curated a range of different textures and finishes from the top tanneries around the world.