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Custom Passport Wallet in Barenia Leather


Barenia, also known as Novonappa, is produced by the sixth-generation, family-owned Tanneries Haas in France, renowned for its expert calfskin processing. The tannery has forged strong partnerships with luxury brands like Hermès, specializing in products such as watch straps under the Barenia and Zermatt lines.

Tannery: Tanneries Haas

Origin: France

Species: Calf

Tannage: Combination


Shrunken Calf, or Togo is a naturally shrunken calf leather, free from embossing. The hides are sourced from calves in the Alpine regions of Europe, where fewer bugs ensure top-quality selections. These hides are chosen for their density, which produces a distinct deep grain during the shrinking process. 

Tannery: Perlinger

Origin: Germany

Species: Shrunken Calf

Tannage: Chrome

Fujifilm X100V Camera Case in Taupe Togo Shrunken Calf


Epsom is a textured, embossed leather that’s easily recognized by its grain. This type of leather is resistant to scratches and is known for holding its shape well, making it a popular choice for luxury handbags and other high-end leather goods. The unique texture is achieved through a machine-pressing process, giving it a consistent and fine grain throughout.

Tannery: Tannerie d’Annonay

Origin: France

Species: Calf

Tannage: Chrome

Museum Calf

Museum Calf Leather is known for its unique marbled or mottled appearance, which gives each piece a distinctive and luxurious finish. The rich depth of color and the nuanced variation in tones are achieved through a specialized hand-finishing process. Due to its refined appearance and premium quality, Museum Calf Leather is often chosen for wallets, and other luxury leather accessories.

Tannery: Ilcea Conceria

Origin: Italy

Species: Calf

Tannage: Chrome

Custom Eyewear Case in French Chèvre Sully leather


Sully Chèvre, one of Alran’s signature offerings, stands out for its fine grain and smooth texture. Esteemed for its resilience, susceptibility to a beautiful patina, and softness, this leather is a top pick for luxury items including handbags, wallets, and even bookbindings

Founded in 1903 in the South of Tarn and set in the beautiful surroundings of the “Montagne Noire” (the black mountains), the tannery Alran S.A.S. has carved a niche for over a century as a producer of premium goat leather. Their high-quality leathers are favored by luxury brands and artisans alike, especially for crafting leather accessories such as bags and wallets.

Tannery: Alran

Origin: France

Species: Goat

Tannage: Combination


Shell Cordovan is renowned for its distinctive sheen, silky smoothness, and ability to resist creasing. This makes it a top choice in the luxury wallet and accessory sectors. Produced through a meticulous process that involves pure vegetable tanning and intricate hand finishing, this leather undergoes a six-month-long tanning journey. The result is a globally revered leather, prized not only for its outstanding durability but also for the exquisite patina it develops over time.

Tannery: Rocado

Origin: Italy

Species: Horse

Tannage: Vegetable

Porte-cartes Enveloppe. Siena Shell Cordovan leather.


Buttero leather is crafted by Conceria Walpier, a revered family-run tannery in Tuscany, Italy, known for its expert vegetable tanning techniques since the 1970s. Esteemed for its smooth texture and rich colors that age beautifully, Buttero leather is a hallmark of Italian craftsmanship, widely sought after by luxury brands for its durability and the unique patina it develops over time. Conceria Walpier’s commitment to quality and sustainability has established Buttero as a premier choice in the world of premium leather goods.

Tannery: Conceria Walpier

Origin: Italy

Species: Cow

Tannage: Vegetable